Our story

The story of a rapprochement of know-how ...

Our origin

The acquisition of Aptimen Managers by Taplow Consulting is the result of a partnership between Xavier De Lombarès, founder of Aptimen Managers in 2010, Jean-Marc Bury, President of Taplow Consulting France, and Stéphane Martinod, partner in the firm. The acquisition of Aptimen Managers by Taplow Consulting reflects a conviction to build a team of experts meeting all possible needs from an Operational HR Consulting standpoint. Aptimen Managers, an expert in interim management, was a natural fit for Taplow Consulting France purpose. This external growth strengthened Taplow Consulting ‘s project, complementing our intervention expertise.

This is how the story was written, that of a know-how transmission, around common values and creating a perfect synergy.

Valeurs - Management de transition - Aptimen Managers

Our values


Our core value: listening. We pay particular attention to your needs and your activity, to find the right solution, adapted to your challenges and better understanding your situation.

We favor exchange by providing you with permanent support during the missions in order to foster Trust, Cooperation, Co-creation and Co-development


Rigour is embodied by Aptimen Managers with the respect of a methodology that has been proven for more than 10 years whose key steps are : 

  • A precise framework
  • Regular monitoring by a mission director
  • A handover to insure capitalizing on the results
Rigueur - Management de transition - Aptimen Managers
Agilité - Management de transition - Aptimen Managers


Reactive, we deploy reliable solutions thanks to our mastery of processes, tools and skills. Our ability to adapt allows us to meet your needs while respecting your time and budget constraints. 

This agility allows to quickly integrate a skill adapted to your context. 

Our Team

Proud to be committed to your satisfaction

Jean-Marc BURY




A few words...

Because the quality of the relationship impacts the quality of the results, I chose the Human Resources profession, which I have been practicing for 30 years. Individuals need vision and stability, but their environment confronts them with uncertainty and impermanence. My expertise consists in accompanying companies and their leaders to accept, understand, conceive, decide, choose and change.

I intervene operationally in headhunting, interim management, individual and collective coaching and training.

Jean Marc BURY

For more than 15 years in operational consulting to companies to assist them in their recruitment of key positions and since 2018 in an even deeper way thanks to interim management with Aptimen Managers, I would summarize the added value I wish to bring to our clients with this quote from the Lyon-born Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: "As for the future, it is not a matter of foreseeing it but of making it possible"..

This quote sums up the importance of a perfect understanding of the high stakes represented by the missions entrusted to us. This is obviously a source of great pride and motivation


Passionate about networks and business consulting, and with 8 years of experience in the management of freelance activities, I enjoy accompanying organizations and their leaders in the operational and human issues they face.

The diversity of our clients' businesses and challenges, as well as the richness of the profiles we meet, are the essence of our business, which Diderot summarized as "You have to be enthusiastic about your job to excel in it".

In concrete terms, I work in operational consulting, mission qualification, mission management and the animation of a network of interim managers.


Graduated from the INSA Lyon Engineering School, having accumulated more than 12 years of experience in the industrial sector, with international influence, I am today not only a Performance and Professional Growth Coach but I also support organizations in their Transformation projects. Because I remain fundamentally convinced that psychosocial risks, burnout, resignation, disengagement and resignation are not inevitable, I have personally made it my mission to restore meaning and regenerate fulfillment, enthusiasm and passion within companies. My intercultural and human skills, added to my knowledge and experience of the engineering world, will be able to revitalize and strengthen your teams in the face of the new challenges of a VUCA* environment in perpetual change.

*VUCA : Volatility, Uncertainty, Complex, Ambiguous


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